The Middlesex 3 Restaurant Express Terms and Conditions

  1. Shuttle Reservation Terms and Conditions
  2. Shuttle services are operated by selected local operators, and we may at our discretion use vehicles or services offered by any operator we select.
  3. Bookings are made for the selected time. In the case of passenger missing transfer, you are responsible to find new accommodations on a later shuttle or alternative mode of transportation. Ticketing/booking customer service is only available Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 PM.
  4. Date of departure, pick up and drop off times are subject to change and whilst we take all reasonable steps to notify customers, it is the customer’s responsibility to reconfirm their booking 48 hours before departure.
  5. In dealing with road transportation, delays due to traffic, weather, vehicle technical problems, force major or other unforseen circumstances are possible, and can on occassion lead to delays or cancelation of services.
  6. Passengers using our service to reach their job are responsible for ensuring that they arrive to their job with reasonable time. Middlesex 3 Restaurant Express can take no responsibility for missing their shift.
  7. Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they are waiting at the designated pickup location as per the confirmation provided, namely during the correct time window and in the correct place.
  8. In cases of missed pickup or late notice modifications (less than 24 hours until travel) contact M & L Dispatch at 781-938-8646.
  9. Customers who have not received a satisfactory service and wish to complain must send their complaint via our website within 7 days of the date booked for travel to ensure that we have all of the necessary resources at our disposal to investigate. Investigation of complaints is carried out in a thorough manner which might take up to 50 working days to complete. Any complaint must be submitted thoroughly including date of transfer and reservation number, and any supporting evidence relevant to the case.
  10. Passengers are obliged to stay seated on the vehicle at all times with safety belts fastened.
  11. Services are conducted in various sizes of tourism buses, vans and vehicles. We may at our discretion upgrade passengers to a larger vehicle than what has been reserved.
  12. Notification at the time of booking is required in cases of special needs: wheelchairs, baby chairs, and carriages. Middlesex 3 Restaurant Express cannot guarantee these services unless it is guaranteed 24 hours before your reservation.
  13. Any passenger who decides to withdraw at their own discretion at any stage during the service, will not be entitled to claim any refund whatsoever.
  14. We accept no liability for direct or consequential loss of personal belongings. Passengers are covered by the insurance of the local operator. Whilst Middlesex 3 Restaurant Express will ensure that all operators have up to date and valid insurance, Middlesex 3 Restaurant Express cannot be held responsible for injury, loss, damage, or death, due to force major or negligence on the part of the local operator, including delays to shuttle services resulting in delayed arrival to your job. We recommend for personal health and damage insurance cover for each traveler.
  15. We, or our local operator may at our discretion require a person to withdraw from any service if we deem their conduct to be offensive or to cause annoyance to other passengers and we shall have no further liability for the carriage of such traveler.
  16. We reserve the right to implement alternate locations, other than the itinerary due to force major, weather conditions, or imposed security limitations. For instance, dropoff or pickup points might be adjusted in cases where it is not possible to reach the intended location. If possible, we will attempt to notify each customer ahead of time, however whether we do or not, there will be no claim for compensation.
  17. Customer will receive a confirmation to their email from once the booking is finished. Customer is responsible for checking that the order details are correct, and advising of any errors immediately. You may change your ticket by canceling at the ticket website and you will receive a voucher that you can use to buy a new ticket.
  18. Customer is responsible for being at the stated pickup point at the time stated. For shuttle transfers, pickup takes place in a pickup window, and instructions are provided on the confirmation. Whilst our drivers will make reasonable attempts to identify missing passengers, no-shows will not be eligible for refund, and due to the nature of the service, the vehicle can not turn around to collect no-shows.
  19. Vouchers will be provided to your email if you cancel your ticket. You may use this voucher to purchase a new ticket.
  20. Middlesex 3 Restaurant Express accepts no responsibility for missed shifts. Passengers are advised to book to ensure they have ample time to safely arrive in time for any later plans.

Privacy Policy We Respect your privacy and take Protecting it seriously. The use of information collected through our service shall be limited to the purpose of Providing the service for our Clients only. We do not under Any Circumstances, apart from the above give away or sell your information to any third parties.